The story

Marelle offers a range of quality organic skin care products for babies and children, made in Switzerland.

Created by a mother in collaboration with a laboratory situated on the heights of Lake Geneva, the Marelle products contain the best of nature and Switzerland with its highly preserved environment.

The products are all certified Cosmos Organic, 99% to 100% of the ingredients are natural, the textures are smooth, the packaging is recyclable, the formulations respect the most delicate skins and can be used from birth.

Inspired by the beauty and purity of the Swiss Alps.

Marelle soins bio bébés et enfants dans les champs

Created by a mother

Marelle is a story with a human dimension.

The products have been imagined by a mother of 3 children living in Switzerland, who has always worked within the cosmetics sector.

Inspired by the beauty and the purity of the environment in which she lives, this mother imagined a range of skin care products for babies and children of a unique naturality, quality and gentleness.

She then partners with a Swiss cosmetics laboratory and a team of recognized scientists and professionals in order to manufacture the products.


Marelle soins bio bébés et enfants maman

Given that we, parents, are very concerned about the safety of the cosmetics products that we use for our children, I dreamt of launching a healthy, organic and responsible skin care brand of an outstanding quality, in coherence with the beauty and purity of unspoiled Swiss nature.

I wanted this brand to reconcile naturality with aestehtics, the most organic formulations with the most beautiful packaging!

Marelle was born from this idea.

My children love the gentleness and purity of the Marelle products, I hope your children will enjoy them as well!

Vanessa Toublanc

organic and responsible

the ingredients

Swiss made