Organic and responsible

Marelle is committed to taking care of babies’ and children’s skin on a daily basis, as well as protecting the environment.

Each Marelle product is accredited by 3 certifications:

  1. COSMOS ORGANIC (Cosmetic Organic Standard) which represents today the most demanding certification in Europe for organic cosmetics. It ensures consumers that the products are genuine organic or natural cosmetics produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices.
  2. ECOCERT which guarantees a minimum of 95% of organically grown plant ingredients and forbids both toxic and non environmentally-friendly ingredients.
  3. COSMEBIO which is a professional association for natural, ecological and organic cosmetics offering the guarantee of a minimum of 95% of ingredients of natural origin and a minimum of 95% of organically grown plant ingredients.


Marelle soins bio pour bébés et enfants coffret

Thanks to these 3 certifications, the Marelle products possess the following properties:

* The ingredient corresponding to the 1% of non natural origin is a preservative used in the floral waters. It is of course certified by Cosmos Organic as completely healthy and non toxic.

The COSMOS ORGANIC certification is a new European norm for organic cosmetics launched on January 1st, 2017. Its aim is to harmonise all of the currently existing organic certifications in Europe. It represents today the most demanding label by imposing 2 new requirements:

  1. A higher content of organic ingredients: a minimum of 20% of organic ingredients for non-rinced products (such as creams) instead of 10% according to previous certification requirements.
  2. The exclusive use of biodegradable ingredients.


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ECOCERT is a French control and certification authority, recognized by the State, which formulates norms for natural and organic cosmetics. It was founded in France in 1991 by agricultural engineers and has become the leading organic certification organisation in France. ECOCERT controls product manufacture, packaging, energy and waste management, transport and storage.

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COSMEBIO is France’s leading professional organisation for organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics. The Cosmebio charter sets out very strict guidelines that govern the development of products derived from organic farming and green chemistry. This charter has been registered with the French Ministry of Industry and Trade. Any brand that wishes to use the Cosmebio label on their products must comply with its standards.

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Marelle soins bio pour bébés et enfants

The packaging

The Marelle packaging is recyclable and certified by Ecocert.

It has a soft touch texture similar to the softness of baby skin.

The graphic design conveys organic, plant and flower shapes and water droplets.

The formats are generous and the bottles include pumps for ease of use.


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